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Our first well in Kenya is a fact!! I would like to thank the donors , Gardens of the sincere and these people!
Thanks to your donations, they no longer have to walk to a polluting river for water as you can see in the pictures.
May Allah accept it as an enternal charity!
For only 1150 € you can also create a personalized well that will last a lifetime

I am very proud to inform you that our first aid has arrived in the Rohingya camps. We were able to help 40 families with a large food package and some pocket money to buy there first aid supplies. these are dramatic scenes ...
I have no words to describe it..
People are very grateful to you!
Don't forget them ....

I am honored to announce that our first large well, built next to a mosque in India, is a fact. Elhemdoelilah, all praise belongs to Allah who enabled us to accomplish this!
On behalf of Gardens of the Sincere, I would like to thank myself and these poor people very much to the donor!
May Allah have mercy on the deceased and accept it as a sadaqa jaria (lasting charity) for both the deceased and the bereaved Amien!
Do you...

We already have some donors from France, Germany, the Netherlands, ... but today also someone from Hawaii Our message goes far elhemdoelilah. It's an honor for us!